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imgproofIf you want to get proof about the effectiveness of our products, the feedback from our loyal customers just might convince you of how effective Bed Defense is.

My children are very sensitive to the smell of harsh chemicals that is why I am very careful of insect repellents. Bed Defense is one repellent that I am very happy with because it is effective and it does not have a harsh smell. Every household should have one.


Bed Defense is really cool. I placed one under my mattress and I slept very well because there were no bed bugs to keep me up at night.


My vote is on Bed Defense. I have been using this bed bugs’ repellent for over three years and it has never failed me. We sleep better whenever we use this product because we know that there are no bed bugs to disturb us in our sleep.


My wife is very meticulous when it comes to the products that we use at home, especially since we have kids. She always reads labels and product feedback before actually buying anything. So far, Bed Defense is the only bed bugs’ repellent that she was satisfied with.


Our puppy loves sleeps in our room so we make sure that we have no bed bugs to make him itch. We have tried many products but none of these products have worked as effectively as Bed Defense. Bed Defense is really the no. 1 bed bugs’ repellent product in the US!


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