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imgabtWe are the makers of Bed Defense. We are a professional group who is into natural formulation. We are confident that natural formulation is the best way to go when it comes to warding off bed bugs because otherwise, children, pets and even the environment will be out to risk.

We have been in the industry for five years. The years that we have been in operation gave us adequate experience to handle the right formula for averting bed bugs and the spread of these bugs to other parts of the house. Our formulation is very effective and that is why we are chosen by many of our consumers. Although we have many competitors in the field, our consumers still choose to patronize us because we have proven to them that our products are really effective.

Our professional team have thoroughly researched the background f bed bugs and what it takes to beat them. This researched was used as we created a formula to keep bed bugs away. Our formula is used in our product and has since helped many families to get rid of the bed bugs in their bed frames, mattresses and head boards.

To date, Bed Defense still is the undisputed product in repelling bed bugs. And its popularity continues to spread worldwide.

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